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COVID-19 Safety Plan

​We are incredibly excited to be able to reopen our door and have climbers back doing what we all love and are so passionate about. In order to get climbing again however, we have to take action to ensure mitigation and management of risk to protect the health of our staff, members and climbers.

As such we have implemented the following practices based on input from Sport Climbing Australia, Sport Climbing Queensland, the Australian Institute of Sport, Federal and State Governments as well as international bodies such as the World Health Organization and overseas climbing associations. While we understand some of the changes may impact our established habits as seasoned climbers, we ask that all read and uphold the following measures and directions from staff to ensure everyone's health and safety. And while we hope that it never comes to it, any breaches can and will be upheld with refusal of service/entry and cancellation of any booking or climbing session.

Last updated: 04 March 2022

COVID Safe Plan


As of Monday 27th July 2020, Rockit is excited to welcome all climbers back to the gym, with new climbers being able to take part in our new, updated and improved inductions.

Booking System

  • Bookings are no longer necessary for individuals and small groups (< 5 climbers), however if you did wish to pre book your self or group in, then feel free to call us.

  • Rockit will be no longer is running strict sessions, allowing you to come in whenever you want and climb to your hearts content! Don't worry though, as cleaning will still be diligently adhered to throughout the day and implemented to help minimise impact to our climbers.

Industry Restrictions​

  • Climbers must use supplied hand sanitiser upon entering and exiting the gym.

    • Climbers are recommended to use hand sanitiser between climbs and to wash hands regularly through out their session.​

  • Shirts must be worn at all times within the facility.​

  • Shoes must be worn at all times within the facility.

    •  Climbing shoes are not to be worn in washrooms or outside of their use for climbing and belaying. If you wish to take off your climbing shoes to belay, your street shoes (sandals, thongs, or sneakers) must be worn.

  • Avoid sharing belongings and gear between people

    • Climbers are advised to avoid changing partners where possible

    • Minimise the amount of personal belongings brought into the gym, and ensure to use the pigeon holes supplied to store unnecessary items

State Restrictions​​

  • All shared areas, common surfaces and shared hardware will be cleaned and sanitised with increased frequency

  • Staff and customers are to maintain good hand and respiratory hygiene. Hand santiser is available throughout the gym

  • We encourage at least 1.5 metres space between staff and customers, and between individual customers or groups

  • Coffee will not be available until further notice


  • All staff have undergone in house COVID training including recognising common COVID-19 symptoms and are empowered to refuse service or entry to any individuals who are displaying symptoms.

  • No staff contact to customers or climbers

    • Staff are unable to physically help any climbers put on rentals or gear shop items​.

  • Refresher inductions have been modified to minimise contact between staff and climbers and ensure social distancing protocols.

  • Cleaning of common surfaces, shared gear and facilities will be undertaken at regular intervals throughout the day.​

Additional Items

  • During this time we ask all to adhere to strict respiratory etiquette (when sneezing and coughing) and to practice safe and correct hand washing techniques

  • We also ask that if you or someone in your household is sick, experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or has recently been in contact with a high risk individual, that they do not come into the facility. Staff have been trained to identify and understand symptoms and ask users if they have experienced any symptoms recently. Staff are empowered to refuse service or remove users who do not follow the hygiene protocols and procedures in place

  • It is also expected that during this time, patrons adhere to existing rules including following the safe climbing practices laid out in inductions.

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