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Rockit Coaching Team

Duncan Brown

Head Coach

​​We are proud to provide training programs designed by our head coach, Duncan Brown. Duncan has been training elite athletes around Australia and worldwide and is also the Coaching Director for the Australian Climbing Team. With 20 years of climbing experience, Duncan oversees and tailor-makes our programs to get the kids learning the fundamental skills and techniques of rock climbing in a fun and energetic environment to ensure motivation to achieve their climbing goals.

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Hannah Sydes

Hannah, a passionate climber and dedicated head coach at Rockit, not only excels in her personal climbing endeavors but also plays a crucial role in shaping the climbing experience for others. With a background in state and national competitions, as well as international climbing adventures, Hannah brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to the climbers she coaches and the routes she designs. As a route setter, she artfully crafts challenging and imaginative climbing routes that test the skills of climbers of all levels. Her love for climbing is fierce and unwavering, pushing her to constantly challenge her limits and share her knowledge with others. 

Cody McMackin

​​Cody has been climbing since the start of 2022 and quickly found a passion for the sport. He has adopted a dynamic and coordination based style that he also applies to his route setting. Cody loves delving into the biomechanics of climbing so that he can analyze his own technique and improve his climbing.


Cassie Konemann

Cassie is an enthusiastic and passionate climber who loves meeting new people within the climbing community. She loves sharing her climbing knowledge and passion with others and watching them succeed. You'll often see her pushing her limits while outdoor climbing at Coolum or Slider!

James Hurrey

James joined the Rockit team as a coach and route setter in 2020. He is a fun-loving coach who strives to enlighten the minds of his students and facilitate their growth as climbers. As a keen sport climber (often sighted in Coolum Cave), James enjoys recreating the movement and flow of outdoor climbs in the routes he sets at Rockit. He is a well-rounded climber who dabbles in outdoor bouldering, single pitch, multi pitch, sport, trad, indoor climbing and has experience as a state level Boulder judge.

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Simon Williams-Pugh

My name is Simon and I’m addicted to climbing. I look at climbing as a benefit to several areas of my health such as mental, chemical, emotional, spiritual and physical health. I truly consider myself lucky to have climbing as a major part of my life. I love having the opportunity to converse with and help people achieve their goals, whether it be building confidence, having fun, gaining technique or becoming stronger. I’m lucky enough to look forward to going to work more than I look forward to finishing!

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